About us

About Us

Define More About Our Vision, Our Mission

We are a company that manufactures and repairs mechanical parts, especially rotating parts and other products which are vital and critical to the system. Our commitment is to deliver top-quality products in order to achieve customer's satisfaction.

Safta was established in 2011 to provide manufacture and engineering solutions including products, assemblies and service. Our company is supported by highly experienced personnel, strong Mechanical Engineering background, Precision measurement devices and sophisticated machining centre.

Our clients vary from Power Generation, Oil & Gas production, Palm Oil Industries, Chemical Processing, Pulp & Paper Industries, BioPharmaceutical, Automotive and many more.

Our Competency

Define Which Our Strength And Competency Are

Our Services

Our competency is driven bt our mechanicak Engineering bakground. Our competency also define our services whice are :

- Machining Services
- Parts Manufacturing
- Shop-based Repair
- Engineering Services
- Reverse Engineering
- Engineering Design
- Mechanical Engineering Solution
- Dimensional Inspection
- Site Support (24/7)
- Fabrication

Safta's Workshop

To produce a top-quality product and precision parts, our service is supported with a highly qualified and sophisticated workshop. Located in Bandung, Indonesia our workshop consists of CNC Machin, Lathe Machine, SMAW/Tig Welding Machine etc.

Our Values

Define Trust By Quality


Each components we manufacture and services we provide might bean integral to the success of our customers. Some part also are a critical for their equipments. Thus we put our responsibility and high commitment to meet clients demand not only quality but also reliability and safety.

Our Values

Our corporate values of customer focus, quality, integrity, trust, respect, responsive, continous improvement and innovation has becoming our guidelines in each activity such as recruitment of new talents, development of new products, project management start from planning, scheduling and execution and many more.

When Trust Defined by Quality

Our prjoroties, best quality products, profesionalism, customer satisfaction are reflected in our company's tag line as written above.

Our Experiences

Power Plants, Industrial Sector etc.


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